The year is 1350 and there is music everywhere! Everyone wants to escape these terrible times of danger, death and plague. Escape by dancing, loving and living for now, more than ever; perhaps a natural reaction in the face of looming disaster. New dance tunes spring out of musicians’s imaginations and love poems – spiritual as well as secular – are being sung in loud voices. Laude spirituali and songs praising the Holy Mother Mary bring hope of salvation, while the populist uprisers known as flagellants roam the countryside with their catchy songs which are just as effective as their flails in inducing religious fervor.

These are but a few of the ingredients in this concert, taking inspiration from current events as well as those of some 670 years ago. The concert includes texts as well as music, inviting the listeners to experience the Black Death from a healthy distance...

In April 2021, our CD with the same name was released. You can find it at our Bandcamp site (don't miss our other recordings while you're there!) or even Spotify - but if you still live in the Middle Ages (like us), and prefer something tangible, we do also sell a physical good-old-fashioned CD. Order it from our Shop page!

Looking for the press release and material/information for articles? Please visit our press page for "1350"!

The CD comes with a full-colour 16-page booklet with information about the music as well as a specially composed menu for a 14th century dinner! However, we also made an extended digital edition of the booklet, weighing in at 50 pages (!) with lots of extra information about the music, the instruments and fun (?) facts about the plague in general. You can download a zip-file of both the extended booklet and the CD packaging here.

Sydsvenskan (in swedish)

Skånskan (in swedish)

LIRA (in swedish)

Custos (Danish early music magazine)